the art of female power

Artistic workshops and Reiki initiations


Menstrual cycle workshop

Have you been looking for a solution for your menstrual uneasyness?

Perhaps each month you suffer from a painful and heavy period, perhaps you have emotional disorders , your cycle is not constant and you bleed a lot .

Whatever the reason, the first thing you have to do is to make peace with your body, you need to begin to discover your true nature and cyclic wisdom

Pregnancy workshop

Pregnancy is moment full of emotions , joys , fears and uncertainties.We said goodbye to our old life and welcome to a new stage .
In this workshop you will discover your deep connection with Mother Earth and its elements, . You will learn how to listen and express your emotions and feelings through the colors. Gently and carefully , with music , meditation and reiki , you will learn to bring to light images of your inner world and of your baby

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