the art of female power

Painter, master Reiki and therapist

specialized in female empowerment



I work as an artist and a therapist specialized in women's empowerment.

Art activities can regulate blood pressure, breath, reduce stress-related hormones, release tensions and activate a flow experience. Also promote self-esteem, empathy, self-knowledge and self-regulation.

The fundamental base for gender equality and women's empowerment is strickly related to respect and dignity towards inner female qualities and it can be reached only through awareness of who we really are.

I offer coaching and therapeutical endorsment as well as self-development support through art-therapy and bioenergetical technics such as Reiki.          

I planned and run art workshops for women, and I am the creator and coordinator of the expo," Mother Earht Journey , where international artists celebrate the female creative power.

I believe in the quote " if you educate a man you educate a man but, if you educate a woman you educate a generation" and I'm very much happy to help other women to start their own personal journey and encourage them  to comprehend their true self and trust their intuition

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Yo.maría brex , studied music at the conservatory A.Steffani, Venice, she graduated in English Language and Literature at the University IULM in Milan .She graduated in Painting and Drawning at the Fortman Studios in Florence and studied Fine Arts  at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.  In Barcelona she studied Art Therapy at Massana School (UAB). She is Master Reiki and attended various seminars about energetic and natural medicines.
She organizes art workshops  mainly for women, and she is the inventor and coordinator of the expo " Mother Earht Journey , where international artists  celebrate the female creative power.

This project Supports the revaluation of the most intimate qualities of women such as sensuality , vulnerability , menstrual cycle , the close relationship between  women and Mother Earth .

She worked as columinist for a radio program at Circulo de Bellas Arte in Madrid, She exhibits all over the world

She works and lives in Barcelona , Spain


the power of colors

Colors' power  is a key element in the artist's life

Painting belongs to visual language and therefore tries to reach and stimulate our feelings and reactions through an image. 

The perception,  in this case,  begins with the eye, it reaches the body through the waves produced by shapes and colors

Each person, according to his personal background and experience, will have a unique perception and  therefore different emotions.
Without a verbal intermediary the observer will get more in touch with their inner fellings and their reaction towards a painting will be more true and not necessarily close to the artist's one

There is an organic-abstract dialogue between artwork and observer, just like with music where notes  vibrations arouse pleasure, sadness or joy without a specific motivation

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