the art of female power

Yoni : the menstrual cycle's wisdom

the true female empowerment

 have you been looking for a solution to your menstrual uneasyness ?

Perhaps each month you suffer from a painful and heavy period, perhaps you have emotional disorders , your cycle is not constant and bleed a lot .Whatever the reason, the first thing you have to do is to make peace with your body, you need to begin to discover your true nature and your cycle wisdom


The workshop

Open to anyone, no painting skills required .

It is a self-development and empowerment workshop about the menstrual cycle . It is based on art-therapy aknowledgment.

The goal is to restore , through painting , psychological and spiritual power of the female cycle , that goes much beyond the mere role of procreation.

Being connected to her own cycle leads a woman to different levels of self-awareness. It also opens up a way for a  better understanding at   relational and social levels . 

The workshops is theoretical and practical


The theoretical part includes issues such as :


  • Menstruation in history: the hidden power of the Yoni

  • Meaning of suffering and disease

  • Knowing the cycle: the four phases of the cycle

  • Women and Mother Earth

  • Colors and chakras


The practical part there will include  meditation , tuning exercises and artistic expression activities

Therapeutic mentoring is also provided

Techniques and Materials

  • tempera colors - zero toxicity 

  • paper, brushes and scissors

  • images from magazines and personal


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