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This  Hope we have as an  anchor  of the Soul,  both sure & steadfast


Hebrews 6:19


Holistic Certified Therapist 

 Reiki Master & Spiritual Coach

Painter & Writer

Over three decades  I started my journey with energetic therapies and massages

helping people of any age and in all kinds of situations to reconnect with their bodies and emotions,

Through different kinds of energetic and physical approaches, I help people heal past traumas and transform limiting beliefs

and attitudes that prevent them from enjoying life. I guide them to develop healthier and more effective role models to improve their relationships with themselves and with others.

I also offer therapies and coaching for HSPs (highly sensitive people) who by their nature tend to be affected by emotions immediately and more forcefully than most people. I myself belong to that small group of people who have a greater sensitivity of the central nervous system to physical, emotional or social stimuli.

With more than 20 years of experience in Women's Empowerment and Menstrual Cycle issues, I help women to find effective solutions to their discomfort. I treat both physical and emotional issues related to painful, abnormal, and irregular periods, providing an innovative feminine insight into what's behind our "wild temper" that sometimes makes us feel depressed and worthless.

I  have a wide variety of certified training from Western massage technics and Aromatherapy.

and Eastern Bioenergetic approaches such as Reiki, Taoism, and Reflexology.

 Physical and Holistic Complementary Medicines help reconnect Mind, Body, and Spirit.


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my holistic philosophy

A holistic approach helps increase your body-mind awareness to offer space to achieve spiritual breakthroughs. I see benefits in many styles of massage and energetic therapies that will help reach this connection. This level of deep, therapeutic soul and bodywork is a necessity as human beings to reach our highest level of consciousness.

I don’t believe there is a single path to get there, which is why I structured my practice to be unique to each individual.


My offering is fueled by creative freedom that allows me to flow between different styles having the body open in new ways. Every session is a journey with yourself, with your body and soul. My hands simply help guide you on your path, to move more freely and gain the ability to heal yourself.

Come, recover and reconnect.

my approach will help you (re)find yourself

According to the teachings I have received, the energy of life is found in everything in the universe and its essence is love.

During treatments and meditations, it is this energy that I connect and transmit. The high and perfect vibration that composes it allows to fluidify the knots in the one who receives the treatment.

I will accompany you to gently release what is hindering your well-being. Everyone advances in their own way, which is why I take care to offer the appropriate tools and individual keys to understanding to make you independent.

I favor benevolent listening, trust and simplicity in our exchanges.

I will help you reconnect to your heart so that you reveal the person you deeply are.



"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world

Today I am wise, so I want to change myself"


Holistic Accompaniment


Self-esteem, self-confidence, appreciation and self-love, inner observation, self-criticism, judgment, listening to oneself and one's intuition, appreciation of one's talents, assurance, audacity, delimitation of one's territory, and the quest for meaning....

Rock Balancing


Identification, observation, communication with emotions, balancing and harmonization, stress management, compulsive and emotional eating, hypersensitivity...


Contact and communication with the body, acceptance of one's body, preparation for change (pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, surgery, etc.), fatigue and pain, and overall relaxation...


Exploration of one's femininity, acceptance and celebration of oneself, sharing of experiences in the heart of circles, balance of feminine and masculine energies in oneself, sexuality, menstrual cycle, conception, couple ties, parent-child ties...

Never feel alone

Young woman using laptop sitting

Cannot travel? Your schedule is very busy? I offer individual support sessions online, live on Skype,  or by phone.

Coaching, distant Reiki energy sessions. holistic treatments counseling and female cycle support...

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