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Holistic Healing & transformative therapies

There is more than one single path to feeling better and reaching awareness, that is why I structured my practice to be unique to each individual. 

My offering is fueled by creative freedom that allows me to flow between different styles having the body open in new ways. Every session is a journey with yourself, with your body and soul. My hands simply help guide you on your path, to move more freely and gain the ability to heal yourself. 



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Natural Soap and Flowers
Natural Soap and Flowers


Each person is unique and has specific needs at a given time in their life. This is why I always offer tailor-made support including one or more methods.

These methods are intrinsically holistic and will have effects on all levels, but they generally work on a privileged axis.

For instance:

  • Energy care: our energy

  • Aromatherapy: our emotions

  • Massage: our body

It is possible to create a program together, combining Energy Treatments, Massages, Essential Oil Elixirs, or Ritual Treats. 

Here are two examples:

anxiety - stress - insomnia - traumatic events


  • 2 energy treatments of 50min 

  • 2 Holistic massages of 50min 

  • 1 roll-on of personalized Essential Oils

Estimated price: €295 instead of €335

femininity & female cycle

  • 2 energy treatments of 50min 

  • 1 Holistic massage 45min

  • 2-hour workshop to learn self-healing 

Estimated price: €345 instead of €375

How does it work?

We get to know each other by email or telephone in order to establish what your current needs are and what practices could do you good.

Then, I propose a program that seems suitable to me.

Of course, you can adjust it if necessary. Once we agree we set our first appointment.


How many sessions?

It depends on the program defined together.

A minimum of 3 sessions is highly recommended even though from the very first one you will feel some benefits.

How often?

The energy care sessions are spaced between 1 or 2 weeks apart depending on the case to be treated.

Essential Oil Elixirs are taken over a period of 3 weeks before giving an evaluation.

There is no time constraint for other treatments.

Price: It will depend on the content of the program                    Location: in practice or remotely

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