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Art is my free island, my shelter from the storm.

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I always wanted to be a painter, dive into colors, swim into them, and eventually, find

my inner world and soul through them.

Colors express the unknown, the unspoken,

they get into consciousness without asking for any permission.

I like the image colors give of myself and the way I perceive the world.

I simply could not breathe without them.

I started painting, singing, and writing poems as a child, this was my way of expressing

my feelings, my emotions. Colors touch my intimacy and my soul.

My colors can be bright or dull. my brushstrokes can be harsh or gentle,

 rigid or fluid,  as they change as I do.

My art depicts the present, the past, and sometimes the future.

My research and my creations have been focused on the empowerment of the Female Element

and its relationship to Nature and Mother Earth.

Some other paintings depict the connection between the body and

 its interaction with emotions.


"A Part of Us"
Lockdown & Quarantine Collection - 2020 -2021

Yomariabrex's last artwork is absolutely abstract and very much influenced by the current exceptional historical events. Absolute and pure color celebration. Splashes of creativity without any figurative elements. All the Nature Elements together. No borders. No confinement. Universal fusion. Lockdown, fear, privation of liberty, haven't they had an enormous impact on everybody? Air was missing, dreams tore apart. Panic and Anxiety took over. The artist says: "I could only grasp onto Art, Music and Poetry, Transcending the Physical, surfing on the Metaphysical. Finding the place, entering the Temple. Asking for Help and Mercy. Recovering Freedom and Faith, transforming them into colors. This is what I want to give to people, hoping they enjoy the hues and nuances. Hoping they may find pleasure and joy in them". Colors such as browns, burgundies and blacks keep you firmly grounded, reconnecting you to Nature and the Great Mother Earth. Others, such as blues make you fly to the sky and the ocean, make you travel creating imaginary bridges to the future. Some others, like greens, give hope, soothe wounds and fear, wrap you up like a warm blanket in moments of anxiety. Enjoy the sheer softness of whites, the silver blink of the Moon, the energetic and roaring yellow of the Sun. "Colors hearten, soothe, restore tranquility. Colors are Magic". Let them take you by the hand, take you to a minty wood, a lavender field, a scented orange garden. Remain still, close your eyes, listen to the music of colors, be seduced by their fragrancy.  Memories come up, imagination flies. "What's the color of Fear? What's the color of Hope? What would we do without colors and creativity? Personally, I couldn't have found the strength to survive the current outer world without painting and writing". Everybody needs to be creative in one way or another. Expressing our feelings and emotions through colors and creativity is a relief and a great joy for anyone. It is fun, restoring and liberating.

Picking up the Thread
 2004 -2010 Chalk Pastel on Canvas
Early Paintings
Photographic Shots
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The Female Creative Power

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